Individual Capsule Wardrobe (for women)
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Individual capsule wardrobe is a set of clothing items suitable for a specific group of occasions for a specific person. A capsule wardrobe is based on analysis of your questionnaire, photos and additional informations from you.


A digital Lookbook wich includes:

  • PHOTOS OF CLOTHING ITEMS (about 15 items in one capsule wardrobe), individually selected for you and combined together in many different outfits. You can use this lookbook as everyday guide for new inspirations.
  • ACTIVE LINKS for each item in the capsule wardrobe, which will forward you direct to the product page in the online shop. You can manage your online shopping within several minutes
Clothing items are not included in the service Individual capsule wardrobe.

FOUR STEPS to create the individual capsule wardrobe:

  1. You purchase the individual capsule wardrobe and provide correct contact data.
  2. After a successful payment you will get a confirmation via Email. There will be a link to the questionnaire. You need to answer all questions and provide me your recent photos. I analyze your datas and start working on your request.
  3. Within 3 - 5 working days, you receive the first version of the capsule wardrobe. Then we discuss the details and the final version will be done soon.
  4. You buy the items in the online shops and enjoy every day your new stylish outfits!
If something doesn't suit you, we can find an alternative together.

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